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Meigs County Law Enforcement
Meigs County Sheriff's Department (740) 992-3371
Middleport Police Department (740) 992-6424
Ohio State Highway Patrol (Gallia Post) (740) 992-2397
Pomeroy Police Department (740) 992-6411
State Government Links
Ohio Association of Municipal Courts
Ohio Attorney Genera's Office
Ohio Clerk of Courts
Ohio Courts
Ohio Department of Public Safety
Ohio House of Representatives
Ohio General Assembly
Ohio Judicical Conference
Ohio Constitution
Ohio Revised Code
Ohio State Bar Association
Ohio State Highway Patrol
State of Ohio Homepage
Supreme Court of Ohio
Other Links
American Bar Association
Association of Records Managers and Administrators
Conference of Chief Justices
National Archive of Criminal Justice Data
National Association for Court Management
National Association for Justice Information Systems
National Center for Juvenile Justice
National Center for State Courts
National Council of Juvenile Information Systems
National Criminal Justice Reference Service
National Institute of Justice
National Judicial College
U.S. Bureau of Justice Assistance
U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
U.S. Department of Justice
U.S. Office of Justice Programs